Named Maniilaq

God prepares Northwest Alaska

     In 1867, God was working within the hearts of Inupiat people while the United States negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia.  Although that contract was ridiculed and called Steward’s Folly because Secretary of State Steward bargained for what was termed a worthless frozen wilderness, God was instructing an Inupiat native (popularly called Eskimos) named Maniilaq in changes that would forever affect these people. God esteems them more precious than minerals and petroleum an industrialized society coveted.
     This prophet Maniilaq knew God was speaking and although he was belittled and scorned, a time would come when his contemporaries understood unseen forces loved them. These Eskimos would soon learn how modern conveniences could lessen their everyday cares and about a cosmic conflict where choices have eternal consequences.

A day to keep sacred

    One day in seven, later known to be Saturday, the Sabbath, Maniilaq’s beating drum echoed in the hostile wilderness calling his people to a place where he foretold of unimagined changes. Like the children of Israel elevating a serpentine pole in the wilderness, Maniilaq elevated a staff with a dead animal’s skin attached indicating Saturday was a sacred day. It was also time for Eskimo people to hear of God’s plans. It was God’s Son whose body was also elevated upon what was called the death on a tree. His sacrificial death became the substitutional cloak for humankind’s unworthiness.

Some revelations are still future

     Maniilaq’s revelations were and are for everyone. When associated with Bible prophecies, they reveal God’s providential care for His entire creation. This allows humanity to prepare for coming food shortages, higher ocean levels after glacial ice melts, and an apocalyptic climax to scriptures that none can escape.

Lifestyle, social and religious change

     In the mid 1800s these Eskimos knew nothing of the government to the south that purchased their homeland. Never hearing of a white man, the Ten-Commandments, or Jesus, yet similar to John the Baptist’s mission to Israel, the prophet Maniilaq prepared Eskimos for important lifestyle and social changes. Terror had gripped natives of other Inupiat tribes who first saw white-faced men yet those who heard Maniilaq were composed.
      In a wooing manner, God spoke softly to Maniilaq, telling of the Father and Son above who are the Source of intelligence and thought. Then God revealed to him even greater truths.

Natives elsewhere hear of God

     Maniilaq’s  story reminds us of other visionaries in isolated locations where God similarly prepared natives to receive His Sabbath truth and learn of Christ’s great sacrifice for humanity.

God prepares South America

     Perhaps the most famous such case among Sabbath-keeping Christians is the tribe of Davis Indians in South America. Nearly a century ago, Chief Auka  was told by a divine being to hang a rope with seven knots, resting weekly on the day of the last knot—this being Saturday. This shining angel introduced them to the seventh-day Sabbath long before Sabbath-keeping Pastor Davis worked with these natives. 
     They were vegetarians and looked for a white man carrying a book telling about God. So much of Chief Auka’s tribe were already aware of Bible truths. They kept telling Pastor Davis, “We already know this, teach us something new.”  This remote tribe is quite civilized today and speaks English fluently.

God prepares African natives

     The Bushman Sekuba, an African of the mid 1900s, is another native prophet.   A glowing being told him to travel eastward to find the Sabbath-keeping pastor Moyo who had a black book explaining about God.  After hiking more than one hundred miles, a cloud appeared in the distance and led him another hundred miles to an Adventist missionary compound. There Sekuba received a Bible (that he could miraculously read). Those at the compound kept a Saturday-Sabbath and possessed the Ellen White, “Testimonies”, as the angel had instructed.

Maniilaq revered God’s Sabbath

      Most biographies about Maniilaq are written by Sunday-keepers. These chronicles report he observed one-day-in-seven, thinking it was Sunday.   Quakers were the first to evangelize the Inupiat; sometime afterward they changed to Sunday observance.

     Inupiat elders hold Maniilaq in the highest regard as a true prophet of God.  To preserve his history for future generations, in 1978 Eskimos who knew of Maniilaq were invited to speak at The Nana Elders Conference. This meeting was transcribed and is similar to our Bible that preserves ancient history of God’s dealings with humanity.
this document, an Eskimo named Aqsivaabruk is quoted as remembering earlier years when they kept Saturday sacred because Maniilaq rested every seventh-day.
     Initially the Inupiat were confused on Maniilaq resting. Accusing him of being lazy, he responded by saying he kept the commandments of his heavenly Grandfather. Then Aqsivaabruk recalls how his people later followed the teachings of those who changed their Sabbath to Sunday. 
     How easy it is to adopt the teachings of authority figures in the church who, like the priests of Jesus’ day, “nail jots and tittles” of God’s law to the cross (Matthew 5:18). It is imperative we do not follow the traditions of men but obey Christ who said: “But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” (Matthew 15:9). 

How to know if a prophet speaks for God

     According to Isaiah 8:20, a true prophet must speak according to the Law. If they knowingly transgress one of God’s commandments, you need not revere their self-proclaimed wisdom, knowing it is misguided enthusiasm.
     This includes sincere Sunday-observers who do not realize Acts 20: 4-14 actually describes Sunday hiking by Paul, and boating by Luke with seven Law-abiding Jewish disciples. They were not in church, but traveled throughout the daylight hours of Sunday. 
      They also think 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 records a sacred church service. Paul actually protects Sabbath sacredness by commanding Sunday work (gathering) to a Sabbath-keeping church (study Corinth’s formation and highly Jewish membership in Acts 18).
     Although Sabbath meetings are mentioned many times in the New Testament, those are the only First Day (Sunday) events recorded in over three decades of church history after Christ’s ascension.

God’s messages are important

     Because Maniilaq was a true prophet, keeping all of God’s commandments including the Sabbath, some of his unfulfilled predictions are significant. Before we discuss these, let us itemize a few fulfilled Maniilaq prophecies:

·            The false religion of some shaman would be superseded by who Maniilaq called the heavenly “Grandfather.”
Maniilaq was remembered as first glowing brilliantly and then levitating away from furious shamans.

·            Under shamanic teachings, Girls beginning menses were considered sickly and isolated alone to separate houses for a year; pregnant women delivered babies alone—unassisted, away from the family. "'Grandfather' loves these women,” Maniilaq said, “and those practices will cease."

·            In a scrubbing manner using a rock, Maniilaq gestured that Eskimos would someday bathe and live in homes that are heated rather than cold sod houses.  They would be able to talk  with and hear people from far away.

·            Men with white skin and different colored hair would find something in the ground they considered valuable and then populate an area know today as Ambler. Use Google-earth to locate Ambler, Alaska, to see the airport, city, and mines, still in operation.

·            These people would hold something they could understand (later known as the Bible) that told about the God above.

·            While telling mostly of good things Eskimos would learn, Maniilaq also shuddered concerning Ambler saying, “I don’t know what my people will do.” Although vaccinated Eskimos are healthy today, hundreds of natives including entire villages died from contagious diseases contracted from gold-seekers during the 1890s.

·            These “visitors” will use boats that did not need oars and flying kayaks will come with wings. He gestured to some belittling Eskimos saying they would someday ride in them. Motorboats and airplanes were invented after Maniilaq died yet he said these were propelled by some type of fire because he saw smoke (exhaust) coming from them.

·       Maniilaq  told how God will come in the future to raise the dead. He pointed to little children and said possibly after they are old and die.

Predictions of the future

     Maniilaq’s unfulfilled prophecies include:

·            There will be food shortages and the time will come when the snow in Alaska reaches the top of the trees when two winters occur without a summer.

     Historically, periods of freezing weather are harder on society than warmer conditions. God is using prophetic methods to alert us to a relatively short period of what scientists now call solar hibernation . Global warming is paused while our oceans and solar system are measurably chilling—the climate is changing. You, like climatologists, should notice global cooling causes increased  seismic and volcanic activity (Mark 13:8).   
     In 1816 there was famine during the
Dalton Solar Minimum when Indonesian volcanic Mount Tabora erupted (VEI 7) causing what is known as “The Year Without a Summer.”
     Worse than this, a mini ice age with horrible consequences rendered over one-half of the world’s population extinct, depopulated entire cities, and nations pillaged each other to survive after geophysical fractures occurred in Earth’s crust
in AD 535. Growth ring studies from this era indicate Earth was cooling for about six years before this event, estimated greater than the Tabora eruption. It was an omen preceding the tribulation of the Dark Ages, AD 538-1798, as Jesus warned in Matthew 24:7.
     To overcome drought conditions, c
onsider using and storing a supply of healthful foods—a flour mill is essential. Place about one ounce of dry ice in the bottom of a one-gallon plastic double-zipper bag, (or sealable jar) of dry beans or whole grains. When the CO2 (an inert gas) stops escaping, it has displaced the lighter oxygen—then expel the excess gas and close securely. Store the bags in sealable five-gallon containers with dry chlorine (available from pool supply stores) sprinkled on the bottom. When the storage container is opened the chlorine will dissipate. This prevents insects from boring into the bags and the ingredients should remain usable for years. Store this in a cool place, then build a back-yard green house with ultraviolet lighting and heaters to provide fresh vegetables now and during these trying times.

     Sometime after the two winters in a row, Maniilaq predicted: 

·            A black whale appearing where the river bends near Ambler.  That area is then heavily populated and Maniilaq said the water is very deep and a mitten-shaped peninsula called Isigakpak would be under water where the whale appears.

     While transitioning from global chilling to global scorching, the climate will briefly normalize giving a false sense of stability but, like a bear awakened from hibernation, the Sun will rebound with greater fury.
     Ambler is 100 miles inland from the ocean and presently almost 100 feet above sea level.   Our all-knowing God is telling us that during the actual global apocalypse, populations will migrate northward to cooler climates, the world’s shorelines will move inland to Ambler’s elevation, and we must
be careful where we locate. God knows the melting ice from the fourth and sixth plagues will raise the oceans to that level even though some scientists estimate 244 feet.

     Revelation 16:8, 9—And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.
  Revelation 16:12—And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up . . . . 

·       After Ambler is heavily populated and the whale appears, the world as we know it will come to an end and the day will be split in half. This prophecy troubled Maniilaq. He had no information past these events and spoke no more after mentioning them.  

     This prophecy fulfills when our planet is destroyed in the middle of the day—Earth’s last day, when “there should be time no longer” (Revelation 10:6). This day is described in the twenty-fourth chapter of Isaiah. It is a most terrifying and fatal time for the deluded who received the “mark of the beast.” They were unprepared and erroneously believed Earth will be a Utopia where days will continue unbroken for the next 1,000 years:
      “The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.  The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again” (Ibid.: 19, 20).

Our needs will be met
     God promised provisions for the saints during the plagues: Isaiah 33:16—He shall dwell on high: his place of defense [shall be] the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters [shall be] sure.  

Judgments from God

     Why do these plagues come?  Isaiah 24:5—The Earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

     Legislators have yielded to intimidation and set aside the morality and purity God requires of His people as set forth in the Ten Commandments. This includes endorsing Sunday Blue Laws that exalt a day of human devising over the sacred day He blessed and sanctified to be revered throughout eternity (Genesis 2:3; Isaiah 66:22,23; Daniel 7:25).

God desires your faithfulness

·       Maniilaq also foresaw Christ’s coming, the “brilliant city”, a peaceful land of mild climate and abundant food, and a resurrection where the elderly are as youthful as the young.

     God wants us in this company. To these He speaks words of encouragement to before the final plague of Armageddon: “I come as a thief; blessed [is] he that watches and keeps his garments [untainted by sin], lest he walks naked and they see his shame“—they have the “patience of the saints [and] . . . keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (Revelation 16:15;14:12).

     Amos 3:7—Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals His secret unto His servants the prophets. 
     And God does more than reveal via ocean levels rising from global warming. For skeptics who will serve God reverently if they knew He really existed, God gave us that special warnings for the “end of the days . . . the wise shall understand.” Knowing the revealed prophecies of Daniel 12, and through visionaries like Maniilaq, God tenderly prepares us for unimaginable changes to test our loyalty to Him and to endure throughout eternity.

     Read Daniel 12 as twice it says those words are closed. Then God provides us some mysterious numbers, not to be understood by humanity until now. 

     Since humanity is at “the end of the days”, you can decipher God’s code. Besides proving Jesus is the “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world”, these holy numbers also identify the Abomination of Desolation who Jesus warned us of, and the exact month, day, and year when Earth is restored to the perfection of Eden and sin eliminated from the cosmos.  
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